Gary Vaynerchuk talks Austrian Wines

Gary Vaynerchuk, perhaps the most influential voice in the American wine market today covers Austrian Wines on his show Daily Grape. See the whole video here.

ImporterConnect in the Tasting Panel

The Tasting Panel highlights ImporterConnect, noting that Brand Action Team "is opening doors for wine and spirits entrepreneurs and paving the way for new brands from to move from concept to market." Read the full article here.

Daily Grape covers Santorini Wines

Gary Vaynerchuk gives a shout out to BAT's social media prowess, noting our effort's around ensuring Santorini Wines is successful in the social media world. Check out the video here.

Stephanie Jerzy in Bar None Drinks

Stephanie Jerzy, BAT's in-house blogger and public relations manager is a regular contributor to Bar None Drinks. Visit Bar None Drinks and check out her monthly column on all things cocktail!

Brand Sponsorships - Nighclub & Bar

Stephanie Jerzy, brings some of BAT's expertise to one of the leading publications in the industry, as she expounds on the best ways for owner-operators to work with brands and brand sponsorship. Check out the full article here.

Tasting Panel - USDC meets WSWA

Supplier? Distributor? Just got a job in the industry? We work hard each year to put on the U.S. Drinks Conference, an annual conference that gives you a guide to the industry. We partnered with the Wine and Spirits Wholesalers association to continue rolling out our seminars and educational sessions the world over. Check out the Tasting Panel's article on our last session by clicking here, or even better, mosey on over to

Steve Raye in Nightclub & Bar

Steve Raye, managing partner here at BAT, tackles one of the key methods of consumer outreach in our industry: The on-premise tasting. Learn from our Obi-Wan as he takes you and the readers of Nightclub & Bar through the must haves of any on-premise tasting. Get the full article here.

The Value of Brand Ambassadors

In house public relations manager Stephanie Jerzy is at it again! This time bringing you a quick primer on the value of brand ambassadors. The article ran in NightClub & Bar, take a look here.

USDC in Drinks International

Drinks International covers WSWA's hosting of the USDC for educational seminars. Take a look at the whole article here.

USDC in Cheers Magazine!

Cheers spreads the good word on the WSWA and USDC partnership. Announcing the partnership and providing a brief overview of the seminars offered. Take a look at the whole article here.